Argonne National Laboratory

2024 Publications

  • "Nonadiabatic Charge Transfer within Photoexcited Nickel Porphyrins", J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 15, 3627-3638, (2024) Link
  • Agrahari K., Wolter T. J., Smith E. H., Abbott N. L., Mavrikakis E., Mighion J. D., and Twieg R. J., "Synthesis and Examination of Alkoxycyanobiphenyl Mesogens with a Single Fluorine Atom at Specific Locations in the Tail", Liq. Cryst., 1-10, (2024) Link
  • Balasubramanian K., Banik S., Manna S., Srinivasan S., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Learning the Stable and Metastable Phase Diagram to Accelerate the Discovery of Metastable Phases of Boron", APL Machine Learning, 2, 016103, (2024) Link
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  • Binderup S. J., and Korampally V. R., "Large Area Nanoscale Patterning of Functional Materials using Organosilicate Ink Based Nanotransfer Printing", J. Micromech. Microeng., 34, 025001, (2024) Link
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  • Chun H., Morankar A., Zeng Z., and Greeley J. P., "Solvation Enthalpy Determination for Aqueous-Phase Reaction Adsorbates Using Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics-Based Structure Sampling", J. Phys. Chem. C, (2024) Link
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