Argonne National Laboratory

In this theme we focus on the emergence of new properties from interfaces, assembly, and fabrication. The creation of emergent properties refers to behaviors that arise from materials interacting in interfaces, or through assembly and fabrication, that are not predictable from the properties of those materials alone. New functionalities are linked to mechanical, thermal, electrical, and optical properties influenced by interfaces, assembly, and fabrication. The following three thrusts collectively defines the scope of the work.

Individual Thrusts


Thrust One

Interfaces for Emergent Properties: In this thrust, we’ll unravel the intricate interactions among materials at the interfaces, at the atomic scale utilizing advanced in situ and ex situ probing techniques. The focus of this theme includes identifying and creating such heterointerfaces and harnessing their potential in various emerging areas of interests to DOE.


Thrust Two

Assembly for Emergent Properties: In this thrust, we’ll devise innovative strategies for creating mixed dimensional heterointerfaces using top-down or bottom-up methods that showcase novel functionalities across various domains. We will leverage the unique electron and x-ray microscopy/spectroscopy characterization facilities at CNM and APS to probe the structural and electronic properties of the mixed dimensional materials interfaces by developing novel modeling and simulation approach to understand the fundamental mechanism of charge transport.


Thrust Three

Fabrication for Emergent Properties: The fabrication for emergent properties involves the deliberate manipulation of materials or systems to exploit emergent phenomena for specific purposes such as mechanical, plasmonic, or quantum applications. The focus is to advance our understanding of material interfaces that enable guided improvement to the functionalities of a system or realization of entirely new phenomena.