Argonne National Laboratory

Research Highlights

Unexpected electronic properties revealed in the dichalcogenide, tantalum disulfide (1T-TaSâ‚‚)

In a Physical Review B paper, researchers address ongoing debate surrounding the electronic properties of tantalum disulfide by employing resonant inelastic X-ray spectroscopy combined with first-principles calculations.

2D ionic liquid behavior of charged rare-earth clusters on a metal surface

In an Advanced Science paper, researchers used scanning tunneling microscopy to investigate the structural and electronic properties of 2D rare-earth clusters on a one-cluster-at-a-time basis.

Study reveals magneto-mechanical device potential of van der Waals magnets

In a Nano Letters paper, ultrafast electron microscopy unveiled the intricate dynamics of spin-mediated coherent acoustic phonons in a thin-film cavity of a van der Waals antiferromagnet, FePS3.

Additional Research Highlights

Synthesis of borophene nanoribbons with attractive quantum-confined electronic properties

In an ACS Nano paper, researchers achieved the bottom-up synthesis of borophene nanoribbons through atomic boron deposition on vicinal Ag(977) substrates, overcoming challenges associated with limited boron precursors and complex bonding structures.

Long-lived, bright biexcitons demonstrated in CdZnSe/CdS quantum dots

In a Nano Letters paper, researchers contribute to our understanding of multiexciton photophysics and highlight the practical applications in technologies requiring radiative multiexcitonic emission.

Software pipeline for automated extraction and annotation of image datasets from science journals

In a Patterns paper, scientists present a toolkit for automatic extraction and annotation of images from the scientific literature by use of rule-based natural language processing and image recognition.

Cathodes with multiple lives demonstrated in lithium-air batteries

In a Small: Methods paper, scientists propose a method for creating recyclable, binder-free air electrodes for lithium-air batteries.

Reinforcement learning algorithm captures previously inaccessible mesoscale phenomena

In a Journal of Chemical Physics paper, scientists present a reinforcement learning algorithm that effectively models mesoscale aggregation phenomena in liquid-liquid mixtures.

Spin-exchange carrier multiplication demonstrated in manganese-doped quantum dots

In a Nature Materials paper, scientists demonstrate a novel approach to spin-exchange carrier multiplication in manganese-doped core/shell PbSe/CdSe quantum dots.